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Takeover: #107 - Michiel Ubels

Michiel Ubels: Instagram / Website

#107 (30/3 - 5/4 2020) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Our next artist is Michiel Ubels, who graduated from his bachelor Fine Arts at the Art Academy in Maastricht, MAFAD, in 2016.

Michiel’s main medium is film, a very direct medium, which allows him to transform his experiences and frustrations into stories, so that he can appreciate them. His artworks work in different contexts, in the art world and in the pub, as ‘strong stories’. To him, this is very important, as this ensures that he can show his work to everyone, his neighbour and his fellow artist. This versatility is something he enjoys.

The artist approaches art as a way of self expression, to address his restlessness and to transform his frustrations into stories. Michiel uses it as an opportunity to connect with others, to bridge the distance. Others may recognize themselves in these stories. He creates an experience that is stimulating and entertaining, but also makes you reflect and think critically.

Humor and absurdity are a big part of his work, because this allows him to play with the boundaries. By using humor as a tool, he can get away with slightly more bold and daring things. He plays with embarrassment and discomfort, with a warm gaze of sympathy, because these emotions are quintessential to being human. Humor can also stimulate people to step outside of their comfort zone.

Being able to laugh at something together generates sympathy, which can help to stretch our judgement a little.

"Are you allowed to play with it or not?"

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