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Takeover: #109 - Jesper Boot

Jesper Boot: Instagram / Website

#109 (13/4 - 19/4 2020) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Jesper Boot graduated in Photography from HKU last year. He is now discovering what kind of photographer he is and who might need his work.

His works often start intuitively, by observing his surroundings and current events. New things arise from the registration of daily life. By reading the newspapers, watching the news and observing the view from his windows, he encounters things that must be captured. It happens automatically.

Jesper always tries to make something that’s understandable. You won’t have to read the text to understand the work. In his studies he learned how to present a story through photos. It comes naturally to make his artworks comprehensible.

His works are not easily categorized into one particular box, for he experiments with many different themes and styles. But what is recognizable for Jesper’s art, is colorful, contrasting and sharp photography.

When asked how this quarantine influences his work, Jesper answered the following: “Not in a very big way. I can just photograph my father as our Prime Minister. I can also photograph the construction site in my own neighborhood. For these things I don't have to be in close contact with anyone. Lately I’ve been making installations of toilet rolls, for instance. They inspired me because of the hoarding madness, which transformed toilet rolls into gold.”

“I like to challenge myself to make interesting things with it.”

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