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Takeover: #111 - Meg Forsyth

Meg Forsyth: Instagram / Website

#110 (27/4 - 3/5 2020) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Meg Forsyth is an American-turned-Arnhemmer, who is exploring the worlds of painting, graphic design, medicine and humanity into her own autonomous art practice.

Meg got her BFA from Pratt Institute (Brooklyn) in 2009 and her Master’s degree in 2016 at the highly acclaimed Werkplaats Typografie at ArtEZ Arnhem, which is secretly considered to be a champion in the US. 

Making art is part of her identity. The way she sees it, making art is bringing problems or questions to the table, while also trying to coming up with solutions.

Experimenting with the materials and subject matters is a continuous process, searching for the right application, composition and ‘punch’. The work is graphic and dimensional, the painting starts to feel like painted pieces of graphic design. For a long time, she experienced graphic design as if it were inferior to art, especially in the US. Luckily, she now fully embraces her background in graphic design and incorporates this into her autonomous art practice.

Meg’s artworks show an array of elements, displaying growth and colour. The organic, abstract forms are human and natural, but are also kind of alienesque. The colours are psychedelic, like acid, while also remaining friendly and approachable. The experimentation process of how these elements fit together, is the joy of creating art.

Science and medicine are her main sources of inspiration. It comes from trying to understand what we as humans are doing and how our bodies work, as we all have one. Meg is interested in helping people in a pragmatic way. She has used her painting practice as a way to mediate between her own optimism and pessimism about the present and the future. In the paintings you often see drawings of medical or scientific tools, that are being handled by people who are trying their best to help others.

“The goal in my work is to keep people curious, to make people think about the unfamiliar within the familiar. I want to bring new topics to the table, that are out of the ordinary.”

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