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Takeover: #114 - Esther Hoogendijk

Esther Hoogendijk: Instagram / Website

#114 (18/5 - 24/5 2020) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Esther Hoogendijk makes artworks that show the passage of time, by changing, growing, falling apart, and by disappearing.

She has studied BA Sculpture at AKI and MA Insitu (Fine Art) in Antwerpen. Her Master’s degree has broadened her view of what an artwork can be and has strengthened her current art practice.

Esther makes art from the internal need to create. With her artworks she tries to tickle and to shift something in people, to trigger the wonderment. At the moment, she is researching how to make artworks that are able and allowed to change, in contrast to the seemingly existing rule that an artwork should not - in fact - change (or fade). This is what connects to her fascination for the passage of time.

“Your works all seem to have experienced something”, a viewer once said. Esther strives to ignite the feeling that something has happened or is going to happen to her artworks.

Because her artworks have the ability to grow (and disintegrate), someone can choose to nurture an artwork and get to experience a deeper relationship to it.

The amazement and surprise are triggers to make people watch. Esther likes to give people the feeling that they might be missing something, so that they really have to look more closely. So for this week, pay attention and be wondered!

“I live in a very old house and I think that is fantastic and fascinating. I get to see the decay of my house, the traces that time leaves.”

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