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Takeover: #116 - Suzanna van Oers

Suzanna van Oers: Instagram / Website

#116 (1/6 - 7/6 2020) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Suzanna van Oers’ art arises from attempts to grasp the world. She is intrigued by the human tendencies to box, label, define and organize our surroundings, to try to get a grip on the world in which we live. In that endeavor, we overlook quite a lot of things. Suzanna questions this exclusion of possibilities. By making playful and poetic, temporary interventions, she gives new meaning to everyday beliefs and (our relation to) objects in our surroundings.

The urge to play stems from a curiosity about the world. It is not by rational thinking, but by instrumentalizing the body as a way of intuitive research. To her, it goes without saying.

“When you play as a child, you are also playing and moving with your whole body. The body is like a research tool.”

Her artworks can be interpreted as attempts to understand the world and enter a new relationship with it. They possess humor, a certain lightness, simplicity and straightforwardness. Oftentimes, the unpolished first attempt is the best, for it entails spontaneity and intuition.

“I want the viewer to be reminded that basic things are worth it. I would like to inspire them to slow down and give more attention to your everyday surroundings.”

Suzanna feels a desire for simplicity, peace, fun and attention. Because nowadays, everything seems to go fast and needs to be useful, spectacular and an investment for later. 

“I want to break open the orders of things and inspire people to see the world with a fresh perspective.”

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