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Takeover: #117 - Eva van Ooijen

Eva van Ooijen: Instagram / Website

#117 (8/6 - 14/6 2020) written by by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Eva van Ooijen is fascinated by beliefs; the supernatural things, that are already unbelievable or incredible in themselves, but that people do believe. Beliefs are something powerful that bring people together.

“I find it so interesting that I will investigate and explore it, because I want to try to believe that too. I think it is very hopeful.”

In her artistic research and process, she is looking for something that many people are looking for individually. Eva believes that we should merge together, to make it less individual. This togetherness is offered by faith, and no longer necessarily present in our secularised society.

“I show my work, because I'm sure I'm not alone in this search for belief.”

Her artworks transform the supernatural (apparitions) into something that is more ‘real’ and tangible. With easily accessible means and media, little frills and in a fairly direct form, Eva creates art that possesses humor. You can immediately see what it is, which is not very common for the supernatural phenomena or experiences. She hopes to make people smile a little.

“I don't do anything that others can't do, I don't use a very difficult skillset. As a result, it appears more real to me.”

To Eva, it is always more about exploring than finding. What you find also has to do with the phase in your life. She hopes to stimulate people to become curious and start exploring the limits of thinking and looking, of our everyday reality.

“Walking with my son I saw as a pilgrimage. I started looking for things that could be sacred, on the way I collected relics. It is interesting to look at the world in such a way.”

Eva is not religious herself, but she does have a little bit of jealousy towards people who are. It plays a big role in her art, because she would like to believe as well. She is still looking for a community that will suit her.

“I find it very interesting how it works. Faith is everywhere.”

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