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Takeover: #144 Elisa Klabbers

︎ by Anne Schoemaker
Elisa Klabbers: Instagram / Website

#144 (28/12 2020 - 3/1 2021) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Elisa Klabbers, 2020 BEAR ArtEZ graduate and current student of the Apprentice Master of Kunstpodium T, makes people feel uncomfortable with her work. People get to experience intimacy and friction from very personal interactions, while being in a public space. There is a high demand for a resolution of that friction and conflict in her work, which she refuses to give. Get ready to be bothered.

“I am asked; why does this happen and where does this come from? I don’t give those answers. That would be too easy. I want to leave people in that discomfort.”

Elisa researches elements of intimacy, safety, sexuality and family. She does so by exploring and recreating specific memories. Through fragmentation, examination and association, she tells a story without a beginning or an end. A non-linear story, told with language we already have and fragments that are taken out of context.

“My work is associative and speculative. Through storytelling I create an atmosphere, a moment in which you can experience these elements and stories.”

When you enter the immersive, performative video and audio installations you wonder what happened or what will happen. You step into a space in which the traces have remained of a person who might have been real or is an archetypical understanding of a person. The viewer is challenged to make their own associations between the fragmented elements. You will only ever get a glimpse.

“I want to show the fragility of things that should feel very stable and safe, in order to show a less fixed and static idea of these concepts. I take an investigative approach.”

Elisa tells stories about things she does not fully understand or that don’t seem quite right to her. The existing constructions become visible. For example: family is like an institution, with its own rules and boundaries. In her work she shows the instability, so that they can no longer be taken for granted.

“I work with personal viewpoints and ideas, but as an artist I don't express them very clearly, because that would take away their power.”

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