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Takeover: #145 Eva Kreuger

Eva Kreuger: Instagram / Website

#145 (11/01 - 15/01 2021) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Art is all she wants to make. It is not a choice, it is a given. Eva Kreuger, BA Photography graduate from St Joost in 2017, collects and creates countless images and combines them in her art practice.

Eva has built a grand archive of images, consisting of her own photography and photos from boxes with slides that she buys on Marktplaats. This archive is a constant and never-ending source of inspiration. She turns back to earlier works and creates new contexts for them, combining current works and photos from the piles of archive.

“I use them as a kind of canvas to further build my own stories. I dissect, edit, copy and cut the images. The original is almost impossible to recognize.”

Emotion runs through the images and installations that derive from Eva’s hands. Yet it is not directly visible. It’s like a subtle hint of emotion that eludes to the Big Subjects, like Sadness, Loss and Love. The subjects and emotions that are difficult to grasp, she translates in her art.

Eva leaves enough space for the spectators to form their own interpretations and narratives. She sets out a line of connected images, in the story and format, that people can follow. Without coloring it in too much, she develops a symbolist design language.

“I am interested in creating a kind of symbolism that several people can agree with, where people can give their own interpretation. Something that appeals to and addresses the collective memory.”

This week, we will be granted a peek at the archive, as well as the current project that Eva is working on. Next to that, be ready for an online auction of one of Eva’s selected works!

“Everyone has an archive… Why do we choose the things we keep, what value do they have and what value do we give it?”

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