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Takeover: #146 Rosa Sijben

Rosa Sijben: Instagram/Website

Rosa Sijben feels like there is a search for a specific kind of truth in art making. The artist who graduated in Fine Art from the Rietveld Academy in 2012, is in pursuit of finding out who we are and what our place in the world is as human beings. To her, art is very important, on a nourishing-your-soul kind of level.

Emotions, knowledge, humor, behavior and existential questions are not unfamiliar to Rosa. She doesn’t shy away from asking questions surrounding these themes and objects of interest. A teacher of Rosa once described her work as situational choreography.

“I choreograph situations around objects. My work is about objects, but they are also a vehicle to talk about more than just the objects. It's about objecthood and personhood. Do objects have agency? Are we also objects?”

Her work has multiple audiences; the performer, the participant, the viewer and the ‘toucher’. The performative aspects play an important role in her work, but they are rarely clear or provided with frameworks. Rosa has created her own term for her art practice, namely: sculpture performance.

Ethics and representation matter to Rosa. Establishing and maintaining an ethical art practice is what she focuses on. She is conscious of who she works with and to remind the art world around her that we have to be inclusive. As she said, she is a child of the western art culture. There are other places and art contexts in the world in which the entire creative process and everyone and everything involved plays a much bigger role and is therefore seen more as part of the artwork.

“I think a lot about the situation in which you find the work and the people involved. They make the politics and ethics of the artwork and my art practice. It is so important to consciously keep pushing that decolonization process.”

This week, we ask you to be interactive. Rosa will explain concepts of her work and show us works, selected upon questions by YOU. So check the IGTV channel and be ready to ask questions!

#146 (18/01 - 22/01 2021) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël