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Takeover: #148 Tomas Mutsaers

Tomas Mutsaers: Instagram / Website

#148 (01/02 - 05/02 2021) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

“Is this correct? Is this real? How are these images constructed? What is going on?” These are some of the questions that are raised by the artworks of Tomas Mutsaers, who graduated in Photography from St Joost Breda in 2014.

The malleability of the world is a great source of inspiration for Tomas. Creating art is the best way for him to get a grip on the world around us, which highlights his fascination for malleability even more. Both in the images themselves and the role of the photographer in this process, this force is present. This translates to pictures that may look flat or wonky, with weird framing and alienating colors.

“In my work I often try to look for an unrealistic image without manipulating the image. I want it to wrench a bit. My work needs to balance between being super aesthetically pleasing and not feeling quite ‘right’.”

Tomas works intuitively and according to his own rules, it is like being playful in the public space. Coincidence plays a big role in his art and process. By strolling around the city or nature in this manner, he finds certain things that capture his attention.

“Inspiration strikes randomly. I can be mesmerized by barrier tape, a very ugly bird, a branch that looks a bit strange. It could be anything.”

The interaction between autonomous and commercial work will also be present during Tomas’s Take Over. They often fade into each other, but are equally oppositive. Next to that, we’ll be seeing colorful, flashy images and experiencing some alienation along the way. Get ready!

“I am still looking for what it actually is that I am doing. I play with things from reality, I think that I always search within and through making my work. I run into things. I don't plan it.”

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