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Takeover #15 Koen Kievits

Koen Kievits: Instagram / Website

Is it the miracle that’s dying? Or is it the viewer? By way of reshaping and transposing certain phenomena around us I try to research the ways in which we experience them. My work consists of temporary installations in public space by which I try to react on the banal structures we find in it. The documentation of these interventions are mixed with imagery I collect while wandering through various landscapes, where I look for inspiration.

The mysteries I present are not to be unraveled, but possess a pensiveness that invites the viewer to question why the works have been conjured up in the first place.

Within my work I’m exploring a recurring physical layering. Most of the installations I place outside are either buried or excavated and uncovered. These motifs are also present within my photographic practice. I’m actively erasing parts of photographs or I’m adding layers to them. In that sense, I’m approaching and treating my photographic works as landscapes, which in the same way my installations do, are able to manifest themselves in time and space.

I’m mainly focusing on subjects that let us reflect on timelessness, the sublime and transience, such as megalithic constructions. This fascination originates from a place in France, of which I have fond and magical childhood memories. As an explorer I’m delving in spaces where past and present collide and where boundaries between certain eras seem to dissolve.

As a concatenation of worlds, bodies and magic, personal mysteries will perform in the light which shapes them, in my attempt to re-enchant the world.

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