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Takeover: #150 Thomas Nondh Jansen

Thomas Nondh Jansen: Instagram / Website

#150 (15/02 - 19/02 2021) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

3..2..1.. shoot! Colorful displays of the beauty and humor in the mundane, movement and people. That is one way to describe the works made by Thomas Nondh Jansen. His work is often featured in newspapers and magazines, amongst others: De Volkskrant, NRC Handelsblad, DIE ZEIT and KesselsKramer.

After he graduated in Photography from the Royal Art Academy The Hague in 2013, Thomas has developed his autonomous photography and commissioned work into one visibly coherent style. Reality, everyday objects, human interactions, homeliness, humor and a remarkable dash of color characterize his work.

“Photography grants you many options for adjusting and changing reality, you can influence what someone sees. It’s an accessible and oftentimes socially engaging medium.”

While Thomas shows us photographs of scenes and situations that might just happen in our real lives too, he simultaneously tickles the imagination and encourages wonder.

This aspect is further explored in his work as an art educator for children, at Kunstmuseum Den Haag, het Nederlands Fotomuseum, Nest and Huis van het Boek. Next to that, he has also created a photographic children’s book: ‘De olifant die niet wist of hij verdwaald was’ (The elephant who didn’t know if he was lost).

“It’s super nice to work with children. I think they understand my work better. They inhabit such freedom in what they look at and what they want. I want to share this certain kind of wonder with the world. Working with kids has given me many new insights.”

This week, Thomas will show us a range of his work. You can expect to see photographs of hands, a certain yellow sweater, a summer collection, coffee and his children’s book!

“I like to give attention to subtleties and the things that go overlooked. For me, a photograph is successful if it can make you laugh, chuckle or think.”

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