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Takeover: #153 Tja Ling Hu

Tja Ling Hu: Instagram/Website

#153 (08/03 - 12/03, 2021): Tja Ling Hu written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Tja Ling Hu creates surrealistic, dreamy, fine and detailed drawings that touch on a breadth of subjects. This visual artist sees art as a form of connection and communication for which no words are needed. The image is the language. Emotions and intuition are the conversations that arise in interaction with the viewer.

“Art goes beyond the language and culture barrier. It enables me to bond through images, regardless of a person’s background. Art is universal. Human emotions are universal.”

Philosophy, psychology, the subconscious and what it means to be human fascinate her. These interests seep through her work. The (search for) connection and mutual cohesion of people, as well as her wonderment of inexplicable things are very visible. Her artworks can be seen as an expression of her inner world, her experiences and thoughts.

“Sometimes it just arises and I later find out what it means. The meaning can also change, as I myself change over time, too.”

This week, we will be seeing a combination of previous and current works, as well as timelapses of her process. For this week we would like to challenge you to tap into your intuition. Let it arise!

“People tend to want to get immediate explanations about the drawings I make. I want the viewer to first perceive and interpret them with their senses. That is not a mere intellectual process. It’s about intuition and interpretation, everyone has their own subconscious. You can appeal to that by tapping into your feelings.”

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