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Takeover: #156 Chantal van Lieshout

Chantal van Lieshout: Instagram / Website

#156 (29/03 - 02/04, 2021) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Chantal van Lieshout is fascinated by the different and unique worlds in which all things live. According to Chantal, every person, animal, object and landscape is alive. Through imagery, sculptures and installations she adds to the reality that people already know, through giving a new perspective on the subject. The sculptures and installations are poems and stories that have been visualized.

“Through noticing small, hidden details I like to expand those worlds, to make the world of a fly, for instance, bigger than it is and to take people into it. Making it so big that everyone can recognize and identify with something in the world of the fly.”

After graduating in BEAR from ArtEZ Arnhem in 2018 she has worked on multiple projects and artworks which will be shown during her Take Over. Chantal has also co-founded artist collective and platform Wentelteefjes Arnhem, together with Katinka Zonneveld, Rikker ter Horst and Romar de Bonte, where interdisciplinarity holds great value. Building bridges between different elements, so that they enrich each other, is also characteristic for Chantal’s autonomous work.

“Everything is connected. I also see the art world as a whole, a big process. The different art disciplines are a source of inspiration for me.”

Her inner world and feelings about certain things that are happening, often double and melancholic, are reflected in her art. It also includes her struggle to want to empathize with everything but that this is not possible. Past memories of Chantal and a childlike attitude to the world are important to her. From this open minded and playful attitude she can easily take people along in that fantasy.

“I like to challenge people to take on a broader perspective. That they recognize themselves in a perspective or place that they did not expect.”

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