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Takeover: #161 Tessa Langeveld

︎ by Esmee van Zeeventer
Tessa Langeveld: Instagram/Website

#161 (03/05 - 07/05, 2021) written by Robin Speijer / Interview by Derk Müller and Joris Broekhoven

This week we will be guided along to a warm and safe place by Tessa Langeveld, who graduated just last year from the Fine Art department at the AKI in Enschede. Her working process begins with an experience, which she expresses in her video installations.

“Experiencing and feeling are more important than the actual reason why something is happening.”

Tessa wants to create an environment in which the viewer can feel safe, find relief and contemplate. For this she uses familiar objects you can find in any home. This can be by using the literal object, but also by drawing them. Because of their frequent use these objects acquire a symbolic value. They can take on different and strange forms because they’ve been taken out of their usual environment.

The spaces that contain her installations are often small and dark. Tessa describes her work as being very introspective, unique to both herself and the viewer.

For a while now, Tessa’s videos have relied mostly on a more emotional connection, but she would like to look into more technical aspects of filmmaking. This would allow her to focus more purely on perception itself, without being led astray by feelings or moods.

“I find it interesting to think as if I am a camera myself.”

During the takeover Tessa will take us along a selection of finished works. This will be both with photos of the installations and the videos that are contained within them. She will also share her broad sources of inspiration with us, and show what has made her decide on the steps she took in her process. Let’s open ourselves up to this new experience Tessa is providing us!

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