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Takeover: #162 Rosa Klerkx

Rosa Klerkx: Instagram / Website

#162 (10/05 - 14/05, 2021) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Take a seat and take it all in. Rosa Klerkx has studied Sculpture and Environmental Art at the Glasgow School of Art and graduated in 2018. She creates visually compelling art and situated experiences. She does so by making video works and installations, and most recently she has been working on notation systems. Her fascination for art revolves around authenticity, identity, accessibility and movement.

“With my art I want to stimulate and evoke curiosity and a physical reaction. I like it when people say that my work makes them feel like moving too.”

Movement and dance are prominent factors in Rosa’s work. According to her, it is one of the most authentic ways to express yourself and your identity. The subjectivity of the human being, brought out and communicated through movements, fascinates Rosa. Playfulness and improvisation lie at the base of these artworks. In the performances, the artist either dances herself or she works with other people; all amateurs, from different ages and backgrounds. This is where accessibility comes into play again. Rosa prefers to focus on making work that can be engaged with easily, rather than plastering her art with overly conceptual definitions.

“The people I work with are not professional dancers and neither am I. Apparently it is possible to just move and dance and convey something. My focus is on moving in a way that feels natural, which is different for everyone. I love seeing how people move when they rely on their intuition only. That is very authentic to me and that is what I try to capture in my work.”

Movement notation systems are another way of communicating, they are used to document dance and movements in a non-verbal way. Much like sheet music for musicians, these notation systems function as a language for dancers. They rely heavily on interpretation and are therefore very subjective, which is what peaks Rosa’s interest. So last year, when covid stripped away most of her activities, she used her time to create her own notation system based on numbers. Music is now also being added to the experience.

“You can use that essence of numbers to create dance, but also to make music. Then the music is an expression of the same essence, just in a different medium.”

During this Take Over Rosa will show us some of her recent projects, photos of the installations, short clips of the video works and explanations of her work process. Get ready!

“I love how art can surprise you. Sometimes you really lose yourself in it, you forget everything around you and afterwards it still lingers in your mind. I love how art can do that. For my work, I would like for someone to come in, sit down and just take it in without thinking about it too much.”

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