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Takeover #167 Tom van Veen

Tom van Veen: Instagram / Website

#167 (14/06 - 18/06, 2021) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Welcome to this week’s Take Over! Tom van Veen is a painter who graduated in Fine Art Painting from AKI Enschede in 2019. Ever since he has been developing his art practice, which gave birth to many interdisciplinary and interesting artworks and exhibitions. During his Take Over, you will be seeing this and more!

“I really am a painter. I think and see from a perspective of painting and light. You can see that in my canvases. There’s always a picturesque story in things. Like when you look at a person and you see how their nose is formed. It goes in different directions, which you can follow with your brush. There’s already a story in there.”

Tom’s artworks encompass themes such as collective memories and experiences. Blue gray tones and shades embody the flash of a memory. In his art he combines different art disciplines. Fine art, dance, music and writing go hand in hand. He also connects our present time with the past. With his art, Tom relates to ancient painting as well as contemporary fashion. Frescoes and AirPods find common ground in his vision.

“Icons fascinate me. I try to link contemporary icons to older icons that we already know. I am looking for icons and translating them into paintings. This way, I’m trying to make a mythical fairy tale with icons of today.’’

Tom applies multiple layers to his work. Form, aesthetics, striking colors and shades, the story and the stance of a person all matter. They allow the work to speak to a multitude of people. As he himself said, Tom’s neighbour needs to be able to get something out of it, as well as the frequent art visitor.

“For my audience I think of my environment. Someone must be able to do something with it. I would love for my neighbour to be touched by it or that it provokes a reaction and an experience.”

During his Take Over Tom will show us the course of his art practice, from graduation until now. As a bonus, he will premiere a new work! We will also be getting some behind the scenes action for his next exhibition at Amsterdam Art Week. Keep your eye on Tom, Brinkman and Bergsma at Lumen Travo Gallery!

“I want my themes not only to be western. There are all kinds of ideas and interpretations. I want to go across national borders and find common, universal themes.”

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