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Takeover #183 Jaehyun Kim

Jaehyun Kim: Instagram / Website

#183 (25/10 - 29/10, 2021) written by Robin Speijer / edit by Jaehyun Kim / interview byJoris Broekhoven

We will be spending this week moving imaginatively, backwards and forwards, mending the fragments of natural landscapes. After completing his Bachelors in Traditional Painting in South Korea, Jaehyun Kim completed his Masters in Painting at the Frank Mohr Institute in the Netherlands in 2021.  

“As a being who is between things all the time, painting is like an act of recording the many things that pass by me.”  

Art for Jaehyun is an inquiry, a way of blindly trying to feel the shape of what he doesn’t yet know. His work evokes the colours and textures of the natural world, fragments of what is visible to the naked eye, as well as that which can only be revealed by a microscope. For him, the creative process is one of breaking open to see what is inside; taking fragments and memories and transforming them into meaningful gestures.  

“I’m investigating with the material. How do I respond? How do my gestures change while using them? How can I make new combinations, and create a certain stillness? I want the viewer to find themselves in balance. I try to contain ephemeral tranquility and emotions through my work. It actually gives me a lot of comfort while making it. I want to share that comfort.”  

Jaehyun describes his works as depicting a sort of landscape that is neither natural nor spiritual, but somewhere in between. When starting a new work, he uses light and mobile materials such as water-based inks which give him the freedom to create an immediate impression in a short span of time. After that, layer upon layer of paint reinvents this background. Each material acquires its own speed in the process, creating little fault lines and rivers of meaning.  

During his takeover, we can expect an overview of the works of Jaehyun, but also a glimpse into that blindspot of what we don’t yet know, fragments of what is visible through time.

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