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Takeover #187 Kira Fröse 

Kira Fröse: Instagram / Website

#187 (29/11 - 3/12, 2021) written by Linda Köke

Colourful, cheeky and screaming to be touched - the work of Kira Fröse is a play between materials, between attraction and repulsion. She graduated from AKI Enschede in 2017 and is now living and working in Rotterdam.

“I take inspiration from things in daily life: everything that I visually experience in a day. I can easily get lost into small details. It can also be small nuisances that I can get inspiration from, like a soap dispenser I encountered for both solid and liquid soap. Who uses both kinds of soap?”

Kira works with materials that have appealing haptic qualities to them - just like the slogan on her artist statement: ‘I have to touch this’. Ceramics that appear to be fluffy, plaster that appears to be melting. Kira takes away the characteristic properties of materials and starts anew. Her works are appealing and aesthetic, but they can have repelling qualities at the same time. Kira places the works in a setting that doesn’t seem to suit her clean, colourful sculptures: dirty details, deconstructed space, or a dead fly chilling on the work. By adding this element of repulsion, she tries to undermine and eliminate an element of kitsch in her work.

“Before I graduated, I asked myself: what are three things in my life that bring me most joy? For me those things turned out to be: food, the senses and art. Those are also the three things I have to bring together”

Food is one of the things that Kira is particularly enamoured by. In her project Litter Lemon she takes (food)packaging she found on the street and created ceramic duplicates, that people then can eat off of on a special occasion. In the future, she wants to build upon this food-related subject matter and collaborate with chefs.

“The good thing about making art is that you can make things that are useless. There are never expectations to what you make. The only purpose is that it touches you.”

During Kira’s takeover, she will give an insight into the many facets of her artistic practise, such as glass blowing, her solo exhibition in South-Germany and the direction she is moving in to focus more on the relation between art and food.

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