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Takeover: #45 Maurice Nuiten 

Maurice Nuiten: Instagram / Website

So here we are, here and now, but now is already over. It’s over the moment that you think about it. It is already part of the past, but the past cannot be changed, and the only thing we have left is the future. Words that I have spoken cannot be undone, just like my past actions, they have been done. Irreversible. Even when we stand still we are still moving. There is no way to stop this, but we can capture it, to save it at least for the time being. 

But why are we here? Always looking for the ultimate question that leads to the fact that you are never here. Not really. This inconvenience comes with life and life comes with love and loss, social pressure and expectations. We can always keep up the appearance that we are settled, play pretend that everything is fine.Never knowing what is going to happen next, being everything and simultaneously nothing, but mostly just restless. Living in a haze, trying to forget and escape reality.

With lensbased media I capture my search, and am aware of the responsibility that freedom gives us in this absurd world with all its contradictions. My own life and everyday environment helps me to form the foundation of my work. Exploring the gray area between photography, film and performance, in which I involve text and installation.

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