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Takeover: #97 - Daan Muller

Daan Muller: Instagram / Website

#97 (20/1 - 26/1 2020) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Daan Muller completed his Bachelor Photography at the HKU and his Masters Photography at St. Joost. He now teaches Photography himself and works multiple jobs, next to working in his studio. Working with different people and in different environments (sometimes parallel universes) inspires his art. Through the process of making, dicking around and doing research Daan fuels the inspiration for his artworks.

In his daily life, he keeps a journal in which he writes down little observations that have some kind of dream logic to them. It doesn’t all make sense, but Daan doesn’t question it so much. This speaks volumes about his artworks and the process of making them, for he appreciates discomfort and confusion, and works a lot with fiction. He creates an alternate reality, which is slightly different from our own reality, but close enough to reflect on it.

Most of the time his artworks are installations, built with all kinds of materials like ceramics, wood, metal, sound, images, videos, drawings, text and voice-over. As Daan said, photography is very literal (what you see, is what you get) and he needed a different form to activate people to see beyond, to create more space for the non-literal. He uses installations as a film set, where you as a viewer become an actor once you walk in the scene.

“I want to keep making art. It’s the only thing that’s interesting to me.”

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