We are an open and experimental platform for emerging artists from the Netherlands.

Since 2018. Non-profit.
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Our Team

Our team consists of a group of volunteers, who are all creators, artists, or still students themselves. Most of them are based in Arnhem.

Joris Broekhoven - founder, artistic director, curator, rizoom podcast (editor)
He studied cultural anthropology at the Utrecht University for two years, and for a short period of time also Sociology and Musicology. Eventually, Joris got his hands onto a camera, which led him down a path of exploration and a hunt for images within the streets, forests, industrial areas and any other places he manages to get inside.

Django van Ardenne - rizoom podcast (edit) 
In 2020 Django graduated from the Fine Arts department at the HKU, with his videowork ‘MASKER’. Within his videoworks he finds the freedom to experiment with different mediums like audio, painting, photography, writing, drawing and sculpting. He is interested in narratives and thoughts, that we as people not yet fully understand.

Anisa Demirci - writer 
She currently studies fine art and design in education at ArtEZ in Arnhem. Besides becoming an artist educator, Anisa is an audiovisual and multidisciplinary designer who composes, mixes and matches sounds, videos, words and images. She is interested in people, culture, identity and everything that makes a human, human. She loves connecting and facilitating a place where people and art come together.

Marlies Kamping - curator 
Initially the first artist to ever do a takeover on Rizoom. Within her work Marlies paints and draws using layers, both within the paint she applies and with the thoughts that search for a transformation in the image. Often they involve people and other animals, and a tranquil atmosphere is conveyed.

Melanie Maria - rizoom podcast (host)
She graduated from the ArtEZ BEAR/Fine Art department with her performance ‘Never learnt to share’ in 2019.  Before that, she also got her Bachelor’s in Dance at the AFK . There she worked with the question of how she could get to an emotional meeting with the spectator, the passer-by and the performer itself. She continued this research through physical performance, human gestures and the use of public space.

Derk Müller - rizoom podcast (host)
In 2019 Derk graduated from the ArtEZ BEAR/Fine Art department. He is interested in daily life, everyday objects and happenings. He deconstructs these things in meaning, material and other facets so he has building stones to create his images and sculptures. With his work, he wants to show the world an insight of what it could be and therefore is.

Gemma Oosterhof - illustrator
She graduated from Illustration Design at ArtEZ Zwolle with her project ‘Reuzen gooien met stenen’ (Giants throw with stones) in 2020. In Gemma’s work the use of various techniques and attention to detail are central. Complicated subjects are made lighter with humor and fragmentation. With a different view on a story, event or subject she hopes to give the viewer a broader perspective of it.

Cheyenne Pattiwaël - writer 
She currently studies Fine Art and Design in Education at ArtEZ Arnhem. Cheyenne is an interdisciplinary artist, deeply interested in all art forms and combining them in her own practice. As an educator, she strives for and facilitates meaningful connections and playful interactions between art and people.

Roos Marijn Peperkamp - rizoom podcast (editor)
Roos Marijn graduated at Creative Writing ArtEZ with her EP 'Schemerlicht' (2018). She sings poems and composes her own songs. In these she researches how to touch her made up term ‘Rondheid’ (Roundness) - both within music and language.

Marieke Polderdijk - rizoom podcast (advisor)
Marieke graduated at Creative Writing ArtEZ with her work ‘Hier’, which consists of a live performance, video work, sound art, a podcast and poetry. She is interested in what we do and do not believe. She notices that belief or spirituality may not be very common in our generation, but that there is a great need for it.

Robin Speijer - web design, writer, curator, rizoom podcast (advisor)
Robin graduated from the HKU Fine Arts department in 2019 with a series of paintings. She is fascinated by details and zooms in on her subjects, removing them from their context and then enlarging them in her paintings. She uses depth, softness, and strong color contrasts to pull you in.

Kyrr Vliegen - curator
She graduated from ArtEZ’s Fine Art department in 2015. The shape, texture, dynamics and colours of a landscape are all things that occupy Kyrr’s mind as both an artist and as a climber. By abstracting and mostly using undiluted high pigment oil paint, she attempts to find the essence of that specific experience, memory or desire.