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Since 2018. Non-profit.


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Our Team

Our team consists of a group of volunteers and partners, who are all creators, artists, or still students themselves. Most of them are based in Arnhem or its surrounding area.

Board Members 

* Joris Broekhoven - founder / joris@rizoom.art
He studied cultural anthropology at the Utrecht University for two years, and for a short period of time also Sociology and Musicology. Eventually, Joris got his hands onto a camera, which led him down a path of exploration and a hunt for images within the streets, forests, industrial areas and any other places he manages to get inside.

* Anisa Demirci - secretary
Anisa graduated from Fine Art and Design in Education at ArtEZ in Arnhem in 2021. Besides becoming an artist educator, Anisa is an audiovisual and multidisciplinary designer who composes, mixes and matches sounds, videos, words and images. She is interested in people, culture, identity and everything that makes a human, human. She loves connecting and facilitating a place where people and art come together.

* Cheyenne Pattiwaël - secretary
Cheyenne graduated from Fine Art and Design in Education at ArtEZ Arnhem in 2021. She is an interdisciplinary artist, deeply interested in all art forms and combining them in her own practice. As an educator, she strives for and facilitates meaningful connections and playful interactions between art and people. She currently works in the Van Gogh Museum and Museum Arnhem.

Podcast Team

* Melanie Maria - podcast host
She graduated from the ArtEZ BEAR/Fine Art department with her performance ‘Never learnt to share’ in 2019. Before that, she also got her Bachelor’s in Dance at the AFK. There Melanie worked with the question of how she could get to an emotional meeting with the spectator, the passer-by and the performer itself. She continued this research through physical performance, human gestures and the use of public space.

* Derk Müller - podcast host
In 2019 Derk graduated from the ArtEZ BEAR/Fine Art department. He is interested in daily life, everyday objects and happenings. He deconstructs these things in meaning, material and other facets so he has building stones to create his images and sculptures. With his work, he wants to show the world an insight of what it could be and therefore is. 

Writing Team

* Linda Köke - writer
She observes, writes and curates. After having obtained a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Art History, she has been working as an writer on art, curator and project coordinator. Using her background in art history Linda makes connections between past and present whilst working within the contemporary art world. 

* Esther van Zoelen - writer
She graduated in 2021 from the Bachelor Fine Art at the St. Joost in Breda. Currently Esther is doing a pre master for Arts and Society in Utrecht. She sees herself as a collector and observer, that soaks up what’s around her to then give that back again to others. She does this in the form of small intimate artworks, poetry and performance.

* Sophie Heutink - writer
Sophie is currently in her final year of the BEAR Fine Art at the ArtEZ in Arnhem. She is interested in temporality, vulnerability, and also our language. Through performances, installations and drawings she explores these and other topics that draw her interest.


* Gemma Oosterhof - illustrator
She graduated from Illustration Design at ArtEZ Zwolle with her project ‘Reuzen gooien met stenen’ (Giants throw with stones) in 2020. In Gemma’s work the use of various techniques and attention to detail are central. Complicated subjects are made lighter with humor and fragmentation. With a different view on a story, event or subject she hopes to give the viewer a broader perspective of it.

Friends of Rizoom

* Robin Speijer

* Magalie Linda Chetrit

* Django van Ardenne

Marlies Kamping

* Roos Marijn Peperkamp

* Marieke Polderdijk

* Kyrr Vliegen

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