Rizoom* is an open and experimental meeting place for artists in the Netherlands. By open, we mean that this platform is open to everyone to sign up (via instagram or mail) to show his or her work for a week on Rizoom. The curator decides who is suitable for Rizoom (for example, it is not intended for artists who have already established themselves in the art world, or for companies to promote their products). By experimental we mean that the platform Rizoom itself is an experiment. It is an attempt to create new connections between beginning artists and between these artists and their audience. It can be seen as a virtual exhibition space, or a digital white cube.

The essence of a rhizome is that it has no beginning and no end. It is a whole of links and connections in a kind of structure, but a rhizome can not be controlled centrally.
Originally, a rhizome is a biological term for rhizome, such as bamboo or dandelion. Anyone with a dandelion in his grass knows that he will never lose that because underground all those flowers are connected to the same root. No matter what you pull out, it comes back again and again.

We want this platform to grow into a “whole of links and connections”. If we see an individual artist as lines, all those individual lines intertwine and comprise an ever growing network of lines, a rhizome.
We also want to implement the idea of non-centralized curatorship after a while (if the rhizome has shot enough roots and has grown). That means that we will hand over the management of Rizoom to the artists themselves. In practice this means that every artist who has become part of the rhizome (for convenience we call them “rizomists”) ensures that the rhizome continues to grow.

*rizoom is the Dutch translation of rhizome.


Joris Broekhoven - founder and curator

Melanie Mara - curator