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Cluster Bubble: Spatial Thoughts at Omstand
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In this third episode we and Tijs van Bakel do an interview with Chantal van Lieshout about how she takes her artistic practice seriously! 
(in Dutch)

This edition of Cluster Bubble explores spatial media such as sculptures and installations. They all reflect somehow on public space and how people move within it.
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Podcast: Atelier Geluiden

Vol trots presenteren we onze nieuwste podcastserie Atelier Geluiden. In deze serie nemen we je mee naar de ateliers van 10 verschillende kunstenaars. We praten met ze over hoe ze daar werken, wat ze maken, hoe ze denken over hun werk, en over hun ambities en dromen. We krijgen een exclusief inkijkje in hun leven als kunstenaar, in de ruimte die zoveel betekent voor hen als kunstenaar.

Aan deze podcast werkten mee:
Interview: Melanie Marie en Derk Müller 
Annotaties: Joris Broekhoven en Robin Speijer
Montage, mixen en masteren: James de Jong en Yasha Mostert
Intro en outro muziek: Annabel Schouten
Cover Illustraties: Gemma Oosterhof

Deze podcast werd mede mogelijk gemaakt door ondersteuning van Gemeente Arnhem.

(Our podcasts are only available in Dutch at the moment)

Takeover: #209 Annie Riga

Annie Riga: Instagram / Website

#209 (06/06 - 10/06, 2022) written by Esther van Zoelen

A borderline state of reality and fiction created through painterly sculptures and sculptural paintings. Annie makes ceramics that seem to express ordinary objects, animals and plants, but she transforms them into something uncanny. For example, recently she has been creating a series of hybrid human-animals. These sculptures are a way for her to build her own fictional characters that are in-between creatures; connecting to nature, mythology and science fiction.

Takeover #208 Heidi Linck

Heidi Linck: Instagram/Website

#208 (30/05 - 03/06, 2022) written by Esther van Zoelen

What is visually left behind by people when they have gone? Deserted places lose their initial purpose and are taken over by new purposes, whether these are created by humans or nature. For Heidi these places have become the heart of her art practice. Her work always reacts to environments as she researches their time layers. The recapturing of autonomy by places she finds more interesting than the worked out plans governments put onto them. Heidi sometimes facilitates these new purposes herself, but other times they have already come to be and she only wishes to make them clearer and give more space to them.  

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