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Cluster Bubble: Spatial Thoughts at Omstand
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In this third episode we and Tijs van Bakel do an interview with Chantal van Lieshout about how she takes her artistic practice seriously! 
(in Dutch)

This edition of Cluster Bubble explores spatial media such as sculptures and installations. They all reflect somehow on public space and how people move within it.
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Takeover: #207 Jean-Philippe Paumier

Jean-Philippe Paumier: Instagram / Website

#207 (23/05 - 27/05, 2022) written by Robin Speijer, interview by Joris Broekhoven

A citrus squeezer encircled within by a set of teeth, a wash basin made entirely of soap: At first you aren’t entirely sure what you are looking at when you see Jean Philippe’s work. After finishing his study at the Art School of Rouen in France in 2003, Jean-Philippe coincidentally ended up living in Amsterdam. He has experience working with many different mediums. At the academy he did performances, and for a time he drew obsessively, but now most of his works are sculptures and installations.

Takeover #206 Catelijne Boele

Catelijne Boele: Instagram / Website

#206 (16/05 - 20/05, 2022) written by Esther van Zoelen

What is the essence of a chair? To sit on, to look at, to just stand there, solely being itself. While a chair might seem concrete, for Catelijne these objects among other creations often come from inspiration that sometimes consists of memories, conversations, body language or even dreams. These things come to be inside of herself, a place where she often re-thinks, wonders about, or writes about. It becomes material. She describes her own work with the word ‘atmospheric’, meaning that the vague and volatile is nevertheless caught into different mediums.  

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