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Cluster Bubble: Spatial Thoughts at Omstand
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In this third episode we and Tijs van Bakel do an interview with Chantal van Lieshout about how she takes her artistic practice seriously! 
(in Dutch)

This edition of Cluster Bubble explores spatial media such as sculptures and installations. They all reflect somehow on public space and how people move within it.
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Takeover #216 Remy Neumann

Remy Neumann: Instagram / Website

#216 (24/10 - 28/10, 2022) written by Esther van Zoelen

In his work, Remy Neumann seeks to find his own subconsciousness. This is hard to unravel, but appears in for example his dreams, through which he learns to navigate. Underneath the different layers he aims to reach the core, from which images are translated into his paintings. By working on himself and using this personal development, his artworks are often turned inwards. Besides using ‘footage’ from his dreams Remy is also interested in marginalia in medieval manuscripts, The Divine Comedy by Dante, and other spiritual sublimeness and atrocities. The old ways of living, in close relationship to spirituality and with awe for gods and devils, is something he finds inspiring because of its rich visual language. Not as symbols, but as images that can take in a whole new meaning.  

Takeover: #215 Annabel Schouten

Annabel Schouten: Instagram / Website

#215 (17/10 - 21/10, 2022) written by Esther van Zoelen

Annabel Schouten calls herself a ‘muzieklandschapskunstenaar’ (soundlandscape artist) and ‘geluidsvinder’ (sound finder). These are words she invented herself that help to describe who she is as an artist. She is not merely a musician or composer, but also interested in music as an act. She loves how music can create silence and take up time, and how it can help us to listen more carefully to the sounds around us. Annabel likes to listen actively, by figuring out the different sounds things can make. When researching a place, she always takes with her small sticks to drum on objects and artifacts around her; sound is already there all around us.

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