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Villa Mondriaan - Young and Promising

Project takeover: Exhitibion

In the triennial exhibition Young and Promising, Villa Mondriaan offers a platform to today’s innovators. In the second edition, Young and Promising: Making Room for Talent, ten artists react to a painting by the early Mondriaan with spatial work. The spatial work is exhibited side by side with the Mondriaan’s works. In this way, the young talent of the 19th century is brought face to face with the young talent of today. The exhibition runs from the 30th of Octobre 2021 - 27th of February 2022

Villa Mondriaan has contacted us to help promote this exhibition. For the coming two weeks, every weekday we will be getting a sneak peek and insight into the works of these young emerging artists. 

All of the participating artists are: Olivia D’Cruz, Bart van Dommelen, Dennis Muñoz Espadiña, Annemiek van der Hoek, Tessa Langeveld, Narges Mohammadi, Leandros Ntolas, Niek Peters, Michelle Son and Margot Zweers.

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Exhibition Visits

Cluster Bubble: Spatial Thoughts on Traces of Human Presence
(Studio Omstand)


(Studio Omstand)


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