We are an open and experimental
platform for emerging artists
from the Netherlands.

Since 2018. Non-profit.


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About Rizoom

Rizoom is an open and experimental platform focused on presenting and connecting emerging artists in The Netherlands. Our team consists of a small group of volunteers, who are all creators, artists, or still students themselves. We aim to make art more accessible and give more insight into the processes, ideas and work that go into making it.

Like a rhizome, an ever-expanding network, we want to make more connections, an ever growing network of artists, art and audiences. It can be seen as a virtual pop up exhibition space, or a digital white cube. We are also expanding into the physical world, as we recently presented our first exhibition in Arnhem.

Besides that, Rizoom produces a podcast in which the work, process and personal story of the take-over artist are discussed. We have also collaborated with Ruis, Het Blauwe Veld and Schakel 025 to create multiple podcast series.

Who are the people behind Rizoom?

Please see our Team page to read about everyone working behind the scenes of Rizoom!

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Since 2018.

KVK: 82564183