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False Beliefs

July 2020

Artist texts by Anisa Demirci @anisabcdefg & Cheyenne Pattiwaël @cheyenneyasmae

Rizoom proudly presents it’s first physical exhibition: False Beliefs! This exhibition and the works presented will delve deep into the certainties and uncertainties of our minds. Does truth lie within our perception, in imagery or maybe just what is told to us?

The participating artists are:
Marije Aagje @marijeaagje
Suzanna van Oers @suzannavanoers
Eva Van Ooijen @eva_van_ooijen
Marieke Polderdijk @mariekepolderdijk

Each of these artists has done a takeover on our digital platform on Instagram. From the 4th of July until the 26th of July their work was brought together in physical form. Simultaneously in the same building the exhibition by Expoplu (@expoplu_art_centre) ‘In Belief is Power’ took place. They showed the work of Jonathan van Doornum, Hannah Dawn Henderson, Fiona Lutjenhuis and Hristina Tasheva.

To read more about the artists we showed, click on their name below.

Marije Aagje Marije Aagje is a visual poet who collects souvenirs of the daily life in her work. She always pushes the boundaries of reality: what is real and what is not? She mostly questions everyday situations or objects. When you look at her work, you may find yourself wondering whether she found it like this or she made it herself. Everyday objects in our world lie at the core of her project. By using photography, Marije reverses reality and emphasizes form. The objects in her work are often isolated and taken out of context. This allows them to be seen as something new and surprising.

Marije takes the viewer into a world as she sees it. What is the truth? We live in a strange, astonishing world, which she tries to classify by looking at it through a sculptural lense. Through the reflection of an element that is recognizable for the viewer, the boundary between the work and them remains small.

Suzanna van OersSuzanna van Oers’ art arises from attempts to grasp the world. She is intrigued by the human tendencies to box, label, define and organize our surroundings, to try to get a grip on the world in which we live. In that endeavor, we overlook quite a lot of things. Suzanna questions this exclusion of possibilities. By making playful and poetic, temporary interventions, she gives new meaning to everyday beliefs and (our relation to) objects in our surroundings.

The urge to play stems from a curiosity about the world. It is not by rational thinking, but by instrumentalizing the body as a way of intuitive research. To her, it goes without saying.

Her artworks can be interpreted as attempts to understand the world and enter a new relationship with it. They possess humor, a certain lightness, simplicity and straightforwardness. Oftentimes, the unpolished first attempt is the best, for it entails spontaneity and intuition.

Suzanna feels a desire for simplicity, peace, fun and attention. Because nowadays, everything seems to go fast and needs to be useful, spectacular and an investment for later.

Eva van OoijenEva van Ooijen is fascinated by beliefs; the supernatural things, that are already unbelievable or incredible in themselves, but that people do believe. Beliefs are something powerful that bring people together.

In her artistic research and process, she is looking for something that many people are looking for individually. Eva believes that we should merge together, to make it less individual. This togetherness is offered by faith, and no longer necessarily present in our secularised society.

Her artworks transform the supernatural (apparitions) into something that is more ‘real’ and tangible. With easily accessible means and media, little frills and in a fairly direct form, Eva creates art that possesses humor. You can immediately see what it is, which is not very common for the supernatural phenomena or experiences. She hopes to make people smile a little.

To Eva, it is always more about exploring than finding. What you find also has to do with the phase in your life. She hopes to stimulate people to become curious and start exploring the limits of thinking and looking, of our everyday reality.

Eva is not religious herself, but she does have a little bit of jealousy towards people who are. It plays a big role in her art, because she would like to believe as well. She is still looking for a community that will suit her.

Marieke PolderdijkMarieke Polderdijk moves, films, calls, sings, draws, uses clay and writes. Poetry can be very spiritual in terms of experience. Marieke is interested in the sacral element, what we do and do not believe. She notices that belief or spirituality may not be very common in our generation, but that there is a great need for it. People look for it in other forms. Having faith is almost inherent in being human, to have a story to live by. The performances she creates can also be seen as rituals.

Making art is also a way to express and shape her feelings and to have a bit of a foothold in the world. Through creation and her artworks, she is able to connect with other people.

Marieke conducts research in an intuitive and playful manner. It is important that she experiences freedom in the process and discovers new things. She views her process as being continuous, building on what preceded it.

The sensory and physicality - especially in connection to language - is what inspires Marieke heavily. Experiencing daily life and art evokes a physical reaction in her. She strives to feel her body and her voice and sees it as an experiment to find out what it arouses in others. Her work commands and requires a certain openness and commitment. It communicates on an emotional level.

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