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Takeover: #215 Annabel Schouten

Annabel Schouten: Instagram / Website

#215 (17/10 - 21/10, 2022) written by Esther van Zoelen

Annabel Schouten calls herself a ‘muzieklandschapskunstenaar’ (soundlandscape artist) and ‘geluidsvinder’ (sound finder). These are words she invented herself that help to describe who she is as an artist. She is not merely a musician or composer, but also interested in music as an act. She loves how music can create silence and take up time, and how it can help us to listen more carefully to the sounds around us. Annabel likes to listen actively, by figuring out the different sounds things can make. When researching a place, she always takes with her small sticks to drum on objects and artifacts around her; sound is already there all around us.

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