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Takeover: #105 - Puck Kroon

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Puck Kroon, now graduating in Fine Arts at St. Joost in Breda, wants us to think and see in different ways. It is very important to have and create other perspectives, and to share it with others. In times like these, this comes in very handy. Puck works with a variety of media, tangible and intangible, such as objects, language (written and spoken), sound and photography.

Puck finds inspiration on the streets, where she finds insignificant objects, like pieces of a device. She gives them new attention and purpose, or destination.

The conversation is an important part of her work. Language, a material Puck uses a lot,  works as a bridge between people.This interspace is indispensable. The value of the spoken word is that it’s so intangible, immaterial and fleeting. It evaporates. This needs and asks for attention and concentration. To Puck, this works both ways. As a viewer, you also have to make an effort, just like the artist does.

Working with sound and language arose from the fact that she was always on the road, which didn’t stop Puck from working. With these media, she now has some sort of nomadic existence as a maker and thinker.

In line with Pucks message and belief - to stimulate and deploy new ways of thinking - we ask you to challenge yourself to do the same and to investigative with an open attitude. 

“Be open to new things, without being prejudiced about it.”

#105 (16/3 - 22/3 2020) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël