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Takeover: #136 Joost Termeer

Joost Termeer: Instagram / Website

#136 (2/11 - 8/11 2020) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Joost Termeer, who graduated in Photography from the HKU in 2018, makes art as an expression of the stories he wants to tell and the way he feels, however abstract or applied that may be.

Inspiration strikes Joost anywhere he goes. In the way someone moves, how a car is parked, the outdoors, but also consumer’s society, pop culture and modern visual culture. He is interested in the world around us, the way in which we deal with images and how they in turn affect us.

“I’m inquisitive of what it means to be human, specifically in this day and age. There are so many rules and constructs within society, how do we deal with them? I, for instance, marvel at the way that children's food needs a face, like those cookies with smileys on them. I relate this to our modern visual culture.”

Joost’s photographs are often colorful, humorous and playful, cutouts and compositions made of stuff he finds by chance. As a part of his working method, he allows and embraces coincidence. From there, new things arise. To him, all images are separate stories and identities, that hold a relationship with the world around us, while simultaneously forming a new world together. His works contain a childlike freedom and connection to the world.

“I like that my photographs are recognizable, but that it can also mean or evoke something else. I want to trigger the imagination of the world around you, through your eyes.’’

Joost stimulates and tickles our imagination, but does not provide guidance. In this way, his work asks a certain effort from the viewer, without asking it directly, making it a complex relationship. Nonetheless, a relationship we think is worthwhile. The works not only leave room for your own story and interpretation, they insist on it.

“How do you look at other people and the world around you? Don't let anyone else tell you how to look at it, no one has the right to determine that for you. You have to determine that for yourself.”

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