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Takeover: #141 Rosalynn van Hummel

Rosalynn van Hummel: Instagram / Website

#141 (7/12 - 13/12 2020) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Rosalynn van Hummel, 2016 graduate from Fine Art HKU, focuses on the female body, to capture and portray it’s beauty and inner strength. This power and beauty is often misrepresented in the media and in art history often represented by and seen from the male gaze. Rosalynn makes her works from the female gaze, depicting female pleasure and the naked body. The works show and appreciate it in a different way.

“I notice a lot of resistance: people always like it but they are reluctant to share it or hang it up somewhere. I am very comfortable with being naked, which I later noticed that not that many people really have. To me the body is just a body.”

She is happiest when she is in her studio. The drive to create is a tool to express herself, through photography, drawings and paintings. The paint is very important. It must possess and convey horniness. In the brushstroke and in the thickness or smoothness of the paint. Used in such a way that you might just slip ‘n slide over the slippery canvas.

“My works are expressive in use of color. Because life is colorful, albeit a cliché. Color attracts and shows that intensity. It needs that. And of course the human body does not contain just one color or shade.”

Rosalynn ensures interaction with the viewer. The differing interpretations fascinate her, she is curious as to what happens in the viewer’s mind. Her goal is to exhibit in more mainstream places in order to reach a larger audience than the art audience. That proves to be somewhat difficult, as the works are often perceived as a bit ‘too far’. One must wonder: where may the naked body take place? Her paintings explore the tension between something being sensual and appreciative, and something becoming pornography.

“Is it just a butt or is it something else? Usually that happens in someone's head, not on my canvas. Different things and thoughts are projected onto the painting by people, they may interpret it in another way than my own intention. My goal and hope is to normalize this, to attain a generally less prudishness.”

“I think it is important that my work appeals and makes people think and question, that they can put themselves in a woman’s position. You can just experience pleasure and enjoy it. Accept that it is something beautiful without thinking too much about it.”

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