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Takeover #177 Lisa Blaauwbroek

Lisa Blaauwbroek: Instagram / Website

#177 13/09 - 10/09, 2021) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Banality and mystery in the ordinary, popping colors, patterns, drawings, collages, figuration and abstraction. They all come together in Lisa Blaauwbroek’s art practice. This KABK graduate works in a project-based fashion, which results in a rich diversity in artworks. At the moment, she says her art is undergoing a lot of change.

“I don't really know where it's going yet. Before corona I was very occupied with patterns, drawing and collages. The pandemic gave me the courage to do something else. Two new projects emerged from that: Selling Ass and Feed Me. I am now developing new projects and themes. Those are haunting my head for the foreseeable future.”

Both projects will feature in her Take Over. Within these projects Lisa played with current affairs, such as the hoarding of toilet rolls for Selling Ass. She proceeded to sell asses, because people were buying more toilet paper than they needed. For Feed Me she acted on the desperate times of catering entrepreneurs during the corona lockdown, where all bars and restaurants had to close. She drew dishes she desired to eat and via her Instagram she asked her audience to order this for her. In exchange they would get the drawing. In this way she made sure that both her and the hospitality industry were supported.

Things from everyday life that spark curiosity and amazement for Lisa. In these very simple yet strange things, she sees banality. Absurd and alienating ideas also fascinate her.

“There is a certain magic to life. Take a toilet roll for instance. That is a very normal object, but visually it is quite a strange one. If it were floating in the vacuum of space and aliens saw it, they might see it as something sacred and put it in a museum. That's what I try to do with my work, to hint at something special or something bigger. To see the beauty of such things instead of the vulgar.”

During this week’s Take Over you will be seeing a variety of Lisa’s artworks, from graduation until now, next to a look behind the scenes. Get ready to be amazed!

“I don't want to force anyone to see what I see in something, for me it’s more of an inside joke or chuckle. But I would love to surprise people with my work. When an object transcends itself and becomes something more. That is very different for everyone. It's about wonder.”

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