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Takeover: #33 Melanie Maria 

Melanie Maria: Instagram / Website

Melanie Maria is a visual artist and a director/choreographer, mainly working in the domain of performance, installation and sculpture. Her work is a narrative for her autobiographical view on the world, covered in an atmosphere of melancholia and aesthetics.

In her work, human movement is an important matter. By going on a search in relationships to the other, her own safety and her background as a dancer/choreographer; she uses the movement of the human body within a concept of time within timelessness. With her knowledge of theatre and dance, Melanie Maria tries to find a discourse of aesthetics where (dance)theatre and performance art come together. This results until now into the fact that most of her works are performative installations where human bodies and material come together as one. Movement, process, repetition and duration are the keywords for the elements inside and outside her works.

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