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Takeover: #42 Laura Malpique 

Laura Malpique: Instagram / Website

Laura Malpique creates multimedia sculptures and installations, exploring the idea of the domestication of the human being and the manmade - materials and costumes/beliefs that those suggest. The overload of information and things we are surrounded with nowadays, is very much present in her work.

Laura was born in Portugal and has studied in the Gerrit Rietveld academie in Amsterdam, where she is currently based.

From the earth we can take glass, metals, plastics, concrete, live things, dead things, healing matter, deadly other. It is so clean and so dirty, it feels like danger or like safety, so warm and yet so cold.

Both as humans and as artists, she believes this is what we do: we look at some brown soup of things, ideas, ideals, happenings. Then we can try to separate, select, unmix and remix, until we find our tone, argument, or art piece.

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