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Takeover: #102 - Lennart Creutzburg

Lennart Creutzburg: Instagram / Website

#102 (24/2 - 1/3 2020) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

After completing his studies at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam and Fine Art and Design in Education at Fontys, Lennart Creutzburg now has his own art practice and teaches art at the Internationale Schakelklas in Breda. He is always aching to tell someone about his experiences and fascinations, so the combination of teaching and fine arts suits him well.

For Lennart, making art is a necessity, he can’t live without it. Translating experiences into art and making art for the public comes from the same source as the passion of teaching. He wants to give his art away to someone else, to make them curious about the things that make him curious. His work starts with the reading of philosophy, studies of psychology and psycho-analysis, but he is especially interested in transpersonal psychology. Lennart observes his own psyche as he starts a new work.

Describing his artworks is fairly difficult, as words don’t seem to comprehend what he really does or tries to give away. Lennart’s fascinations are about the absurd relations to the self. Through his work he researches his own transformation of the person he has become and now is today. For this he uses his own psyche as a medium, in an uncomfortable setting, to explore the limits of it.

By writing automatically - a technique used by Surrealists to get in touch with their psyche - Lennart subconsciously translates voices and puts words onto paper, like doodling with words. At first this was a tool, eventually the words became artworks by themselves. By analysing these voices and the text, his own irrationally talking person in his head and the absurd relationships within the self, can be examined.

“Who is the person that is talking inside my head, who is that person talking to? And who is the person asking these questions?”

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