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Takeover: #103 - Mirte van den Bos

Mirte van den Bos: Instagram / Website

#103 (2/3 - 8/3 2020) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Mirte van den Bos is very inspired by humanity, nature and technology, mostly chemistry and biology. Through her work she investigates the hybrids between these fields. She sees her work as a combination of research and poetics. By creating poetic qualities in her work, she finds a deeper layer. Her art practice mostly consists of natural objects, photographs, videos and writings.

Mirte strives for a more intimate relationship between humans and their environment. This started from a personal desire, to feel more connected to the world around her. From here, she also noticed how this disconnectedness works on a political and societal level, and that it might also be the cause of the climate problem.

Space is as an active actor in her work and is very important to her. Mirte respects the space and tries to have a dialogue with it. She believes everything around us to be sentient, maybe not in the way we understand, but she always incorporates this belief in her work.

Being in the here and now is a philosophy which Mirte lives by. She also strives to make other people experience this too, being conscious in the present, by focusing on and interacting with her artworks.

“We are all already connected, but now we just have to go and see.”

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