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Takeover: #119 - Marieke Polderdijk

︎ by Wouter le Duc
Marieke Polderdijk: Instagram / Website

#119 (22/6 - 28/6 2020) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Marieke Polderdijk, a Creative Writing graduate from ArtEZ, is an Arnhem based artist. She moves, films, calls, sings, draws, clays and writes. The relation to the theme of ‘False Beliefs’ is apparent in her work and her working method.

Poetry can be very spiritual in terms of experience. Marieke is interested in the sacral element, what we do and do not believe. She notices that belief or spirituality may not be very common in our generation, but that there is a great need for it. People look for it in other forms. Having faith is almost inherent in being human, to have a story to live by. The performances she creates can also be seen as rituals.

“The rituals I make are a guide in my life. Those rituals are something to hold onto, I mold it into a certain form.”

Making art is also a way to express and shape her feelings and to have a bit of a foothold in the world. Through creation and her artworks, she is able to connect with other people.

Marieke conducts research in an intuitive and playful manner. It is important that she experiences freedom in the process and discovers new things. She views her process as being continuous, building on what preceded it.

“As if you walk through a house and discover all kinds of things. I think this is a nice metaphor, your oeuvre is one house. I don't feel like I'm making separate works, I'm building on and keep discovering and showing new doors and rooms.”

The sensory and physicality - especially in connection to language - is what inspires Marieke heavily. Experiencing daily life and art evokes a physical reaction in her. She strives to feel her body and her voice and sees it as an experiment to find out what it arouses in others. Her work commands and requires a certain openness and commitment. It communicates on an emotional level.

“Slow down a bit. Look around you, climb a tree, roll in a meadow. I hope to give people an experience, I hope to convey my own experience.”

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