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Takeover: #118 - Marije Aagje

Marije Aagje: Instagram / Website

#118 (15/6 - 21/6 2020) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Marije Aagje is a visual poet who collects souvenirs of the daily life.

“I see myself as an observant and collector, working intuitively and allowing the conscience to roam free in my work. I will take you on a journey through a man-made world, the way I see it: poetic, full of beauty, and surprises.”

In her work, Marije always pushes the boundaries of reality: what is real and what is not? She mostly questions everyday situations or objects. When you look at her work, you may find yourself wondering whether she found it like this or she made it herself.

Everyday objects in our world lie at the core of her project. By using photography, Marije reverses reality and emphasizes form. The objects in her work are often isolated and taken out of context. This allows them to be seen as something new and surprising.

“By treating them as sculptures, I’m shedding new light on the things which normally go unnoticed.”

Marije takes the viewer into a world as she sees it. What is the truth? We live in a strange, astonishing world, which she tries to classify by looking at it through a sculptural lense. Through the reflection of an element that is recognizable for the viewer, the boundary between the work and them remains small.

“It is important to make the viewer aware of phenomena which wouldn’t usually stand out, by emphasising and depicting the unnoted, the unobtrusive in the world.”

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