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Takeover: #138 Annemarie Slobbe

Annemarie Slobbe: Instagram / Website

#138 (16/11 - 22/11 2020) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

According to Annemarie Slobbe, who graduated in Autonomous Visual Arts from AKV St Joost in 2014, being an artist is more than making art. It is a way of thinking and living, and visualizing these underlying ideas. Art is a kind of language, which enables her to express her thoughts and inner world. Art functions as a translation, and Annemarie aims to make this translation increasingly better.

When you allow yourself a moment to look closely at the works, you will notice the details, the patterns, the emptiness and the lee. Annemarie describes her artworks as being meditative, showcasing time and temporality. Between ‘something’ and ‘nothing’, contrasts find the space to come to life.

“I am a visual dreamer. Certain shapes will visualize themselves in my dreams. I can also quickly see mathematical patterns and shapes spreading across the room. In my art, I let that which has been formed become formless again. That’s also what happens with meditation. I try to visualize that.”

While the works will stimulate you to find the stillness within yourself, they are everything but still themselves. Annemarie works with various techniques and materials that make the works and compositions reactive to light, temperature, angles and seasons.

Great natural phenomena such as black holes and starry skies - recurring themes in her work - also put the human position in the world in perspective. As humans are a part of nature and the big picture, Annemarie’s works relate that position and play with human insignificance.

“We create a perception from our thoughts. When you observe them in themselves and for what are, you are able to let them go through meditation. Then the perception changes completely. It reduces the weight and they turn out to be much smaller than you thought.”

“Change is the only constant in our existence. Accepting change and living life is very liberating.”

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