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Takeover: #139 Suzette Bousema

Suzette Bousema: Instagram / Website

#139 (23/11 - 29/11 2020): written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Suzette Bousema graduated in Photography from the KABK in 2019. Science, philosophy, how humans relate to the world and the current state of it are her great sources of inspiration, which all shine through her work.

Art is a way to evoke wonder and fascination about contemporary environmental issues, according to Suzette. In our day and age, issues regarding our global environment are so big and abstract, that we can sometimes hardly comprehend it. By zooming in on the smaller aspects, her works provide depth and new insights, while simultaneously making the science more approachable and attractive to others. Through this process, Suzette hopes to plant a seed of inquisitivity and trigger the viewer's mind.

“It often starts with something that I do not fully understand (yet). Environmental issues are often difficult to grasp. When they are simplified in the news, you may start to feel comfortable with it, when you really shouldn't. In my projects I try to get a grip on it. To understand and to formulate my personal relationships with these issues.”

In her art practice, Suzette collaborates with scientists and merges these two ostensibly different disciplines, art and science, for she deems them a very interesting and valuable combination. Especially when you think about the future. They have the potential to amount to much more, together.

“The information that I provide is checked with scientists. It has to be right, as it is very important to me that the works are honest and sincere. If I don't believe it, my audience won't believe it. In my art, I want to convey sincerity and genuine fascination.”

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