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Takeover: #157 Diana Gheorghiu

︎ by @drow.knight
Diana Gheorghiu: Instagram / Website

#157 (05/04 - 09/04, 2021) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Welcome to this week’s Take Over! This week, KABK Photography graduate (2019) Diana Gheorghiu will wow us with a variety of art that includes animation, sound, installations and a critical stance towards the wellness industry. All her works communicate with each other and evolve from each other, so that they stay in conversation.

Diana creates two dimensional pieces in a three dimensional environment, and plays with the digital vs. physical world. She draws inspiration from her personal life, viewpoints, observations and thoughts. Her frustrations turn into creating. Her art shows images, videos and installations of computer generated characters, mostly female, whose bodies contort, deform and perform. The characters could be a reflection of Diana herself, but also the health gurus she sees online. Her work is about the wellness industry and the pressure on the individual that it establishes. This has helped Diana to let go of it.

“I have been researching this industry for a few years now. It’s like being healthy is a moral obligation: the pressure of choosing our own health and the ways to be ‘healthy’ provokes a sense of guilt and anxiety. Selfcare has this meaning of being individualistic, which I don’t agree with. We have to break this belief and create communities together.”

She plays with what is real and what is not. Is it a joke or is it something serious? She likes to confuse the audience and wants to make people think. Diana is not giving any answers, the audience should look for and ask the questions themselves. Are you ready for the challenge?

“I take on different tones and intentions when making my work. For instance, it could be very ironic or very dramatic. I do not want to make people feel bad about their decisions within the wellness industry. My work serves as an invitation to think about it yourself, through showing my viewpoints and observations. I want to evoke a feeling or emotion in the audience.”

This week, Diana will show her previous works, book recommendations and insights of her research.

“I am giving you a hint, and if you want to do something with it after, then that’s on you.”

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