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Takeover: #159 Hester Baars

Hester Baars: Instagram / Website

#159 (19/04 - 23/04, 2021) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Let us whisk you away to unknown worlds, created by Hester Baars. In 2019 she graduated from De Fotoacademie in Amsterdam. Her art consists of photographs and films which communicate her feelings and inner world.

“I think it is most important to me that people recognize themselves in my images, that they can get lost in it, that they feel or experience my created world.”

Dreams and dreaming are an important part of Hester’s work. "A soft feeling", that's what people usually say when they describe it. But it is not all soft and soothing. Hester is fascinated by the elusiveness and the capriciousness of dreams, the mere fact that you have no control over your dreams, and that you cannot always put your finger on it.

“I am not concerned with the meaning of dreams, but more about what your brain actually does when we dream. Why or how does our brain come up with things that are not there or that are not correct? And what does it do to your memories? These things fascinate me very much.”

Next to this, a recurring theme in several projects is recognizing worlds in a landscape or in something very small. This can also be a form of escape. For Hester, it’s about the creation of her own reality. With the medium of film she can put you in some kind of hypnosis, where you end up in a kind of dream world.

“Every person dreams. You sleep a third of your life. It's such a big part of your existence. Science has not yet figured out why we dream. It is dismissed as something unimportant, something hazy. But I think it is very important, so I want to give dreams more reason to exist.”

During this Take Over Hester will show us her graduation project, her most recent projects, her film work and her work process, next to her sources of inspiration. Get ready! Zzzzz...

“I want to encourage people to feel.”

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