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Takeover: #160 Anne Nobels

Anne Nobels: Instagram / Website

#160 (26/04 - 30/04, 2021) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Poetic photography is what we will be seeing this week by Anne Nobels. Since graduating from Fontys Academy of the Arts, Tilburg in 2016 she has created multiple series of images that hold a sensitive and vulnerable yet powerful atmosphere.

“I need to make art, it’s a very deep intrinsic motivation. I have been creating and making art for as long as I can remember.”

Vulnerability is very important to Anne. She sees it as a strength, for you need to dare to be vulnerable. It connects people, it is something that gives life meaning and lets you experience true happiness. It emerges in various themes and series of her work. The naked bodies in her work represent vulnerability and literally daring to be vulnerable.
For the series ‘Outside the lines’ Anne has visualized how she experiences the world. Living with a panic disorder certain senses are heightened. For Anne visual stimuli, such as colors, come in very hard. Through editing the colors in her images she shows that it is not a limitation - as people often see it - but an enrichment.

“It can bring a lot of good things. It has also brought me strengthened bonds with the people around me. I hope it inspires people and that it provokes a discussion, to break through the taboo.”

Nature is central in Anne’s work. That uncontrollable force of nature can also be seen as a metaphor for a panic disorder, because much like nature, you are not always in control. The alienating effect is also reflected in her images. With that she challenges people to think about a certain topic or look at it longer. Anne wants to start discussions, so that people start talking about topics that are not usually up for debate.

“That's a big motivation for me, that it affects people. I enjoy telling a story, but I’m also inspired by the reactions of people who can look at my work openly. I don't want to impose it, but it would be nice if it did arise, it must be a choice.”

This week Anne will premiere one of her recent works! Keep an eye out… Next to that, she will share other series, her work process and also address a few topics to start discussions and conversations with you.

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