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Takeover #184 Miranda Blaak 

Miranda Blaak: Instagram / Website

#184 (01/11 - 05/11, 2021) written by Robin Speijer / interview by Joris Broekhoven

Working in a people-oriented manner, nudging public systems that have halted, and being a disruptor: These are all essential to the work of this week’s takeover artist Miranda Blaak. She graduated in 2021 from the ArtEZ in Zwolle, with a bachelor in Fine Art and Design in Education.

“I make art to deal with life. I want to bring some humor back to the surface, and solve problems I find along the way.”

Miranda’s work usually starts because of what she encounters in her environment. Her hometown for example seemingly had no art in public space, and so she started investigating if that was true, and what she could do about it. She discovered a forgotten artwork and created two new works that formed a trinity with the original. These projects usually flow from one right into the next.

“I always test myself with each new project. It may seem impossible, but then I start anyway. How can I fix these broken systems I encounter? I want to be a disruptor and want to encourage others to also take action.”

Systems and rules inspire Miranda to start thinking outside of the box. She would describe her work as participative art in public space. Her work prods and nudges the environment and viewer in a socially engaged manner. People’s reactions to her work are very important to further develop and give shape to new work.

“Everyone owns the public space. I have something to say about that public space, and everyone can do so. The artwork is a story. It becomes an object that is a mediator between me, civilians and politics.”

During Miranda’s takeover we can follow a red thread of projects through her hometown, ‘t Harde. We will see the things she encountered, and how she dealt with them using disruption and creative thinking.

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