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Takeover: #115 - Zela Odessa Palmer

Zela Odessa Palmer: Instagram / Website

#115 (25/5 - 31/5 2020) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Let’s dive into the mind of Zela Odessa Palmer, a second year student Fine Art at the Royal Art Academy. The older she gets, the more she understands why she makes art. Oftentimes, everything that happens in the world is quite overwhelming to Zela. By making art, she is able to react to it and calm herself down. Creating and working with her hands has a calming, therapeutic effect.

“I try to create control, because we often have no control over things.”

Zela works with many different media. Starting with a little detail, the artworks build up piece by piece and grow into something that she has not anticipated. In order to create, she has to turn off her mind completely and see where it takes her. She experiments with a certain material and responds to the results. Textile feels especially familiar, as it is has great tactile qualities that help in a therapeutic way. Her textile works show the process of taking apart one system, only to replace it with a new one.

“I really enjoy discovering new things when I'm making.”

The viewer gets to experience a glimpse into Zela’s mind. She intends on taking them along in her thinking and creative process of the work. Finally, yet importantly, Zela herself has to feel positive when she looks at her art.

In the process of creation, Zela forgets about the space around her. The physical space feels limited, whereas the metaphorically endless space in her mind holds as much freedom and opportunity as possible to discover.

“I would like to arouse curiosity, for people to ask themselves questions about everything.”

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