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Takeover: #147 Larissa Ambachtsheer

Larissa Ambachtsheer: Instagram / Website

#147 (25/01 - 29/01 2021) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

Color, sustainability, food, human behavior and awareness will be central to this week’s Take Over. Larissa Ambachtsheer, 2017 graduate from the KABK The Hague, is a visual artist who creates striking images that may make you ponder a bit longer.

A force that clearly drives her work is playfulness. As a child, Larissa was told not to play with her food. Now in her work, it is an important part of the process. She plays with the food and other objects in front of her camera. The settings are built by her hand, the objects are painted to her liking. The colors Larissa uses are meant to either highlight the alienation of food dyeing or to highlight the beauty of nature.

“I like to keep a certain freedom in my work and in the process. The story, the color palette, the objects, the set, they are all created from a playful place.”

Larissa is inspired by human behavior, especially her own, but also traditions and habits from other cultures. Her fascination for food also becomes clear here. When she lived abroad, she found inspiration in learning more about the customs and rituals around food in different countries and cultures. She philosophises about and observes these phenomena and experiences. In this way, Larissa is able to contribute to the world with visual culture.

“I love trying out everything myself, seeing what my choices do and cause, what that has to do with one’s mind and emotions. What kind of control do you want to have over that?”

These experiences and thoughts are transformed into her own reality and work, resulting in portraits, still lifes, fashion series and more. In her own words, she visualizes depth in an aesthetically pleasing way. It is something that you only discover when you look further at the story behind it, when you stay a little longer.

“There is more to discover in the work itself. People usually stand in front of my work, almost hitting the work with their noses. Then they take a few steps back and say “no, that is painted, right?” or “what would she actually like to tell with it?”. It's nice to see that conversations arise.”

Recent works of Larissa are now presented in Project 2.0 gallery, of which a digital tour has been made. Premium: “Lockdown editions”! Limited editions of three of her artworks during the lockdown will be up for purchase through Project 2.0 gallery.

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