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Takeover: #151 Klaas Jonkman

Klaas Jonkman: Instagram/Website

‘The work of light - maybe the most important aspect of my work - is something I try to attain in different manners. I start on a black/ dark blue background and build up layers and colours. So it’s from the inside to the outside. I scratch with an Iron pin in the paint to look back into the layers, trying to find earlier motives like flowers. It’s breaking/opening the painting-process again.’

‘If I noticed that I covered all the previous steps, I go back and (partially) reveal those actions. It is these rough gestures that create the fragile quality of the work and produce a certain tension in the surface of the paintings. It’s the volatile things I like to paint now. From my memory, which is mostly vague and out of focus, exists something which lies between a recognisable image and just a brushstroke.’

‘A Dandelion that floats by during a summer day, dancing/moving fireflies. The manner in which I experience these things, is what I try to capture in painting.’

#151 Klaas Jonkman (22/02-26/02, 2021)