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Takeover: #152 Rob Voerman

Rob Voerman: Instagram / Website

#152 (01/03 - 05/03, 2021) written by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël

We are pleased to present Rob Voerman, renowned artist, creator of intricate worlds and overall cool dude.

“Making art really has to come from within yourself. It must be a mission. There needs to be an internal drive to tell a story, to create a world with images.”

His artworks are layered and intuitive, anarchistic and organic. Functions, media and associations are mixed and intertwined. In the process of making, Rob allows for coincidence and the ‘frayed edges’. Not everything is planned out, he lets it arise.

“There is a clear handwriting to my art. It does have something dystopian about it. But once you are in it, it is also protective and safe. I make work from an inner necessity. Apparently I still have a need for security.”

Society and societal issues are also referred to within his work. Rob creates constellations in which an intersectionality of systems are (re-/de-)constructed. He visualizes ecology, money, power relations, social contexts and more. Aesthetics and engagement are both part of his artistry.

A clear force that drives Rob and his art in connecting with and relating to people. This is also obvious in the interaction with the viewer. As an artist, he communicates and creates a world that people can be fascinated by and drawn to.

“I think it matters for me that you can draw people into your world and story. You can have all kinds of layers, small intimate work and large installations at the same time, and they’re all different worlds and stories you can enter. That's how I like to make exhibitions.”

This week Rob will show us a chronological look at how his work has developed. We will see an array of media, works and exhibitions, as well as a look behind the scenes.

“Sometimes I see worlds that are so dull and dry. I want to create something that is as alive as the world itself.”

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