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Takeover #188 Bart Lunenburg 

Bart Lunenburg: Instagram / Website

Maaike Kramer: Instagram / Website
#188 (20/12 - 24/12, 2021) written by Linda Köke

The coming two weeks we will be having a combined takeover by two individual artists: Bart Lunenburg and Maaike Kramer. They are both fascinated by the properties of architecture and space. They are currently doing a residency together at Pompgemaal Den Helder.

“We have met through a mutual admiration for each other’s work. When we met, it immediately clicked. We call ourselves the ‘pressure cooker’ and the ‘slow cooker’, in our collaboration Bart makes sure Maaike takes enough moments to take a step back and reflect while Maaike coaches Bart to make enough room for experiment and take sidesteps during the making process.“

Bart Lunenburg received his BA in Photography in 2017 from HKU Utrecht with a special interest in architecture. Since a few years, he is researching the memory of buildings. Architecture can absorb a certain zeitgeist like a sponge and tell stories via the stored memories within its walls.

“I make art to stay curious and as a way of reflecting on the built world around me. To me, not making art feels like standing still.”

At the Pompgemaal, he is doing a research project into the relationship between architecture and illness. Can a building make you ill, or can it heal you? And how do epidemics propel innovations in architecture? The starting point is a window that he discovered to be specially designed in times when cholera was prevalent. The window now looks like an aesthetic choice, but Bart researches how the sanitary qualities shape this design.

“In this period, I noticed that I allow myself a lot more room for experiment. I slip into a different way of thinking about my work and develop it in a new way. I am also researching how I can incorporate more organic elements within my stark architectural visual language. Working together with Maaike really helps with that. ”

Bart wants to show the work process as well as the results of his residency during his takeover. He will focus on showing the process of what he has been doing in this residency over the last two months, in which you can feel the energy of his work period with Maaike.

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